Venture CTO (Lead Engineer)

San Francisco, California
Work Type: Full Time

Job Description

As a Venture Lead Engineer (Venture CTO) at UP.Labs, you'll get to play a key and unique role in building new startups from 0 to 1 and leading teams. 

You'll act as a technical architect  and lead the engineering team on one of our ventures. You are responsible for the technical direction and delivery of the products and businesses we build. This includes everything from coming up with the initial technical design & architecture, building various MVP iterations of the initial product, working closely with the product team through the product sprints and our development phases of MVP Def, Alpha and Beta, as well as hiring and staffing your team. You will work closely with our corporate partners and our other cohorts beyond product such as  design to ensure that the team is focused on doing the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way. We believe in and practice servant leadership here, so your goal is to unlock the potential of your team, not do it all yourself.

In this role you will:

  • Lead our venture engineering teams to address genuine, real-world business problems
  • Build, grow and operate successful startups, working alongside venture leadership, corporate partners and other cohorts
  • Design and deliver impactful solutions to complex problems, using code or otherwise
  • Champion a foundation for iterative product development with good agile practices
  • Understand and make considered tradeoffs around software qualities such, testability, security, scalability, operability etc
  • Mentor and support effective teams, not hesitating to get into the weeds when needed, oftentimes writing and reviewing code with them
  • Cross-pollinate learnings, best practice and insights between multiple ventures to drive continuous improvement of Engineering at UP.Labs.
  • Enjoy working in a diverse, dynamic, collaborative, transparent and inclusive environment where all ideas and opinions are equally valued

You should have:

  • 10+ years full stack software engineering experience with 5+ years of experience leading, developing, and scaling engineering teams
  • Familiarity and preference working in ambiguous, fast-paced environments such as startups and/or consulting firms
  • Hands-on and end-to-end product build, development and delivery experience with a mix of customer interfaces (e.g web, mobile), languages and technologies
  • Experience hiring and managing remote, distributed teams including full-time engineers and vendors/contractors
  • The ability to build scalable, high quality, distributed services
  • Experience working with agile, lean and Continuous Delivery approaches, such as Continuous Integration, TDD, Infrastructure as Code etc
  • Experience building cloud native software architectures
  • An ability to embrace and reduce uncertainty through continual validated learning
  • Strong communication skills put to use by explaining technical vision and deeply technical concepts to a variety of multidisciplinary team members
  • An open, curious and humble mindset that builds on to our open, inclusive and collaborative environment
  • Intrinsic passion for solving customer frictions through simple and effective software

Additional desired competencies:

  • Experience working across different business models, domains and markets such as B2B, B2C, FinTech, Logistics, Sustainability and so on. 
  • Experience in Mobility is a great plus.
  • Experience with any "deep tech" such as Machine Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality or Decentralization
  • Experience working with corporate clients and stakeholders

Below are the technologies we primarily use. However, we'll always choose the best tool for the job (maybe you can suggest one?), so don't consider this list either exhaustive or immutable:

Frameworks: React, React Native, Play, Django, TensorFlow

Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust

Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, CircleCI, Terraform, AWS, Azure, GCP

UP.Labs Summary:

We build high-growth technology startups that enable faster, cleaner, and safer movement of people and goods. Our vision is to transform the moving world by pairing leading corporations and entrepreneurs with a proven methodology for launching and scaling software and hardware companies.
Our platform is unique in three ways:

  1. Risk: We reward our entire team and ecosystem of partners with meaningful equity
  2. Technology: We build and launch scalable technology products that form the basis for each venture
  3. Industry Focus: We stay focused on the underlying fabric of society mobility and transportation
We work with corporate investors over a multi-year period to launch a portfolio of mobility-focused ventures. Our team is dedicated to the first year of a new venture’s life cycle: from ideation to minimum viable product build (and beyond) to recruiting and hiring the full-time team who will scale the business. We rapidly ideate concepts from scratch and vet them for early indicators of product-market fit.

Our team:

We are a group of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, who live, eat and breathe mobility. We have all launched early-stage companies and been part of their growth and scale. Our office is located in an airplane hangar at the Santa Monica Airport in Los Angeles, where we ideate, prototype, and take an occasional flight (or flying lesson).

Opportunity Spaces:

While we focus on mobility holistically, there are several opportunity spaces that we believe will have a particularly transformative impact on our world. Below are some of the spaces that excite us the most.
  • Sustainability
  • Smart Cities
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automotive Software
Location: SF Bay Area

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